Laughing with hipster memes is so mainstream

Thanks to the meme mania, I rediscover my old Disney heroes through an ironic perspective about hipsters. It looks quite easy at first sight :  put Ray-Bans on their nose, make them strike an ironic/enraged pose, write a funny catch line, and they embody a generation of indie/hipsters, serious about futile things (“Should I wear polka dot socks with my tiger-patterned cardigan ?”) and futile about serious things (“This album is  terrible. But it’s “album of the week” at Rough Trade Shops. And everyone will talk about it at Starbucks until, at least, next Tuesday. GOD, WHAT SHOULD I DO ?”)

The idea of making fun of the indie/hipster culture through such a mainstream monster that are Disney movies is simply amazing, in my opinion. Indeed, indie can have, paradoxically, so many codes and be so celebrated that it tends to become a norm.

Yet, the difficulty is to grab the irony of the indie/hipster culture without being a hater in a concise catchline. This requires quite a lot of talent and spirit.

There are many kinds of memes about hipsters, like Hipster Kitty or Hipster Dog, but my favorite remain those starring Disney heroes.

Hipster Ariel is certainly one the most popular one. It all began with young blogger Braden Graeber, a red-haired, Ray-Ban owner who photoshoped a pair of Ray-Ban glasses on Ariel and made it her profile picture on Facebook and Tumblr. The rest, she says, is  “Meme history”. Here are some of my favorites :

Alice Meme, from Alice in Wonderland Disney movie, is also hilarious. I even made some of them my profile picture on social networks. The first one, I think, embodies perfectly the intrinsic irony of the indie/hipster culture  :

Even though I am a purist and can not stand Alice being pictured as a brunette, I have to admit this one (see below) is accurate as well. All the more that I had this exact feeling when Burton’s Alice was launched and everyone rediscovered her. When asked about my favorite Disney movie, I would always answer “Alice in Wonderland!”, while people would most of the time tell me they did not get it or even, were afraid of it. So this meme was kind of a revenge for being misunderstood. How cruel can childhood be!

Mermaid memes :

Hipster Alice memes :

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2 Responses to Laughing with hipster memes is so mainstream

  1. Maria Evrenos says:

    I really like your blog!!! A small correction though, Way out West is held in a park, centrally in Gothenburg, which is our second biggest city, so it’s not country side… 🙂 But maybe I understood you wrong somehow.

    Ariel with ironical legs is amazing. 🙂 The only natural red head in hipster valley.

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