“Bon Iver’s just put himself to sleep!”

For those of you who still have not watched this hilarious video by Saturday Night Life : go for it. It tells the story of happy new-parents Beyonce and Jay-Z receiving some friends at home who come to congratulate them about Blue Ivy’s birth.

Prince comes first, then Nicki Minaj and others. But the best is kept for the end : Justin Biever disguised as Justin Vernon, true name of American indie/folk artist Bon Iver. While he starts mumbling a new version of Holocene. A must-watch. And Justin (well, the Justin from Bon Iver) was not even mad at it.

Best-known for his hit-single Skinny Love, he released his second eponymous album last fall, a combination of mind-blowing songs. Holocene and Michicant are as delicate and refreshing as the firsts snow flakes, while Perth and Towers will make you want to take the first plane for the green wilderness of Wisconsin, his State of origin.  It is all about high-pitched voices, pinched guitars and some keyboards here and there to add some electricity in the air. A moment of pure bliss from start to end. No wonder they won the 2012 Grammy for Best New Artist and Best Alternative Band. Even though Justin seemed quite out of place.

So, in order to end the night calmly after SNL’s emotions, let’s have a contemplative look at beautiful Bon Iver’s video clips for every song of the album. Well, I won’t embed all of them here, but only my three favorites : Holocene‘s, Michicant‘s and recently-released Towers‘. You can also watch Perth‘s, Minnesota‘s, Wash‘s, Hinnom‘s, Lisbon‘s, Beth/Rest‘s.

Indeed, indie music often comes with serene and hypnotic videos, celebrating Mother Nature’s wonders and secrets.


Photo : boniver.org

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