Laughing at ironic e-cards is ironic, right ?

Hi, dear readers!

After the tremendous and continuous success of my article about hipster memes (being a show-off from time to time is not that bad), I have decided to go on the golden path of irony crushing the indie/hipster culture with a thunderous ‘LOL’.

Tonight, let’s have a look at, a free-online e-cards service created in 2007. The aim is for you to create a card in vintage style that makes fun of traditional ones, and especially, what is trendy. Most of all, the only rule is : irony. And even true cynicism if you feel up for it.

For instance, you have this one :

(random thought : now, every time I hear/read “Adele”, I cannot help but have my head invaded by “WE COULD HAVE HAD IT AAAAAALLLLLLLLL ROLLING IN THE DEEEEEEEEEEEP”. Life is terrible)

They can also be about what’s in the news :

But, hey, this blog is about the indie/hipster culture, right ? So I am tempted to make this one my layout, because “this is the story of my life” :

Story of my life bis :

I have the irony and the “I ❤ Mr Darcy” flannel bag (bought at the Jane Auster Center in Bath, please) but I don’t have that much appeal for DIY-activites (too clumsy for that) :

My worst fear :

NME/Pitchfork/Q/Stereogum/The Fly > life

Was Cinderella a hipster ?

Truly sorry :

Yet, most importantly :

The e-cards were found on

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