The Smiths get plumbed

If you also spent your childhood on a Game Boy Color fighting against giant lakitus, goombas, and would grow or diminish by eating magic mushrooms while dressed in a red dungarees and having a thick mustache, then you’ll be delightful to hear this brand new version of The Smiths‘ hit-single This Charming Man in Mario Bros’s electronic style.

For the record, The Smiths is one of the most iconic indie band ever, with legendary leader  Morrissey. They are all the more iconic that they last only 5 years, from 1982 and 1987, and produced the most essential indie song in this very short period of time. More will come on them!


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Grimes : video of Oblivion, a female empowerment among quarterbacks

Some days ago, Montreal DIY-scene Grimes (actually the artist name of Claire Boucher) released its video clip of new single Oblivion, the first of its album called Visions . Directed by Emily Kai Bock with the help of cinematographer Evan Prosofsky, it shows Boucher going to a huge, packed football stadium.

Wearing headphones, dressed in a blue coat, her hair bleached blonde and pink, Boucher sings in the middle of the public, in a spontaneous gesture. Behind her, motocross slowly piercing the air, almost flying, add a dreamy dimension.

She is as lucky as to go in the quarterbacks changing rooms later on. Singing in the middle of agitated, shirtless muscular guys, she goes on her impromptu performance, indifferent to them. A little piece of eccentricity lost among testosterone.

On why this unusual place for an indie music video, Boucher explained to Pitchfork :

“The sports world is so different from what we normally engage with, so it was like this voyeuristic look into a really violent community. Art gives me an outlet where I can be aggressive in a world where I usually can’t be, and part of it was asserting this abstract female power in these male-dominated arenas– the video is somewhat about objectifying men. Not in a disrespectful way, though.”

I think it was a very original and successful idea. Boucher has this fragile, yet bubbly energy which stands in sharp contrast to the craziness of a football game during which people, on the field or the chairs, can lose their mind. She looks brilliantly out of place, and that’s what makes it worth it.

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“Bon Iver’s just put himself to sleep!”

For those of you who still have not watched this hilarious video by Saturday Night Life : go for it. It tells the story of happy new-parents Beyonce and Jay-Z receiving some friends at home who come to congratulate them about Blue Ivy’s birth.

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When indie diva Lana del Rey is turned into Daisy Duck

I know, it’s ridiculous and pointless. But come on. I KNOW YOU’RE LAUGHING IN FRONT OF YOUR SCREEN. Poor Lana. Well, I guess it is quite fair considering her permanent duck-shaped mouth.

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Indie Music Festivals : Y U SO EXPENSIVE ?

With birds singing again and cats bellowing under the moon (tell me about it), spring slowly reappears, with its sunshine and sweet wind. Besides, announcements of line-ups for festivals burgeon on the Web, putting a smile on every fan’s face.

Then comes the awful moment when you click on the section “prices”.

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Why the fuss about indie movies ?

My exploration of the indie spirit has led me today to indie movies, a genre born in the 1990s in the USA, now celebrated worldwide thanks to amazing festivals such as American Sundance Festival and Tribeca Film Festival or British Raindance Film Festival, the biggest one.

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Now it’s time to tell me (and the world) what you think…

If in this blog, I am humbly giving my opinion about indie music, I crave to know yours, dear readers. Because otherwise, it keeps me awake at night.

Especially, what do you think is the best British indie rock artist/band at the very very moment ? Beware, it could change within a second! Or a new flyer of Rough Trade Shops!


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