What am I doing here ?

Well, I guess that if you fortunately ended up here, it is certainly because you have an interest for indie culture. Or maybe not. And you would like to throw those indie dudes’ Ray-Ban Wayfarers, burn down in ashes Rough Trades’ tote bags and use them to fill organic wraps.

After this -quite- harsh appetizer,  let me introduce myself.

My name is Morgane, I am 20 year-old, French-born and raised, studying in Sciences Po Paris yet currently spending my Erasmus year in the BA journalism of City University London.  I primarily decided to make London my exchange year’s destination thanks to its cultural effervescence, especially musical.

Indeed, if I was born, raised, educated in France, I grew up listening to English bands all the time, hanging posters of Matthew Bellamy, Pete Doherty and co, which I  considered close to God(s). At first searching for refuge and escape in music, I finally found personal growth and self-confidence in it. Answers and questions.

Then, something unexpected occurred : the release of “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not”, the first album of Manchester Arctic Monkeys on the indie label Domino Records. Quite a shock, a brutal burst of youthful energy, wild, saved from the asperities of the mainstream labels. It was the sound of freedom, a synonym for independent.  With time passing by, the “indie bubble”slowly swallowed music, style, food, to finally form in itself a unique way of life. Or so it seems.

Thus, the core goal of this blog will be to explore the indie universe which emerged in London, try to understand its roots and motivations (if it has some besides looking cool in vintage clothes) and investigate about its future.

Luckily, I will not be constricted in my fields of research, and will invite you to follow me on this multi-platform quest about the “indie culture” throughout London and beyond.


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